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Originally Posted by rancherpete View Post
Gary: Have you tried 1.8 for HFG and has it helped any, and if so in what ways? I was one of those guys who was stuck at V 1.03 but my shielded box fixed most of the issues I was having (bad horizon, etc.). I still get a slightly jerky movement from the the HFG and gimbal and I would like to try one more time to sort this out. Any thoughts on this?
Yes, I've tried v1.8 r0, but not the latest one. I did not see the same sorts of problems with the yaw coupling that I've seen with v1.5-v1.7. One thing that I've been working of late, however, is vibration reduction. I'm beginning to think that Dan may have been right all along, in thinking that this has to be vibration related. What I'm testing now is putting isolation right at the motors. By doing that, we've been able to get away from using extra isolation at the camera tray, like we've been doing for cameras that are particularly sensitive to jello, like the RX100 or the Hero3 Black, in the 2.7k/30p mode. What were finding before is that with our standard silicon isolators, used in our Isolated Mounting System, we needed to run the tension fairly loose, and then add extra isolation at the camera baseplate, in order to get the smoothest video. The problem is that in wind gusts, or in fast forward flight, we'd get a lot of what I call micro-bounces. To get rid of the micro-bounces, you need the silicon isolators tight, with everything below the IMS rigid. Now to get rid of the jello, we are looking to eliminate as much of the vibration as possible ahead of the IMS isolation.

Anyway, since we mount the HFG board with the gimbal, on the isolated side of the IMS, I believe it will work better with the notion of keeping everything south of the IMS isolation as rigid as possible, and add extra isolation right at the source.

-- Gary
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