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Originally Posted by nickeast View Post
I don't know if this is worth mentioning, but my Shrike on hand launch does a left roll immediately and it is something to consider. As soon as a little speed is reached it behaves very nicely. Iím thinking the roll is due to torque and p factor since the launch is always at full power. I launch at about 45 degrees nose up and with my power setup it will climb and accelerate at this attitude. The left roll is very easily controlled with aileron but you do need to be aware of it. Things happen quickly in the world of Shrikes.

Could you use a "launch" flight mode that has an appropriate amount of opposite aileron dialed in and then as soon as it picks up speed you switch back to a "normal" (aileron neutral) flight mode? I've done this with a small EDF F9F Panther that has the same issue. I don't necessarily take all of the initial roll out, but enough to make it gentle and give me a little more time to react if I momentarily fumble a bit getting my fingers to the right spot on the Tx after launch.
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