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Originally Posted by JumpySticks View Post
To get from 70 to 77 you should have to move the battery back, not forward. Not sure how you are measuring this, but 77mm is about where the servo wires come out of the wings.
I measured with a metric ruler, from the leading edge at the fuse. But I totally think I'm measuring from the wrong spot because my t-28 always measured tail heavy. I got fed up with trying to make it right and just shoved the battery as far forward as it would go and put it in the air. Flew great!

Originally Posted by Jovanx View Post
Jumpy is should have to have the battery all the way back to get it to 77mm. Mine always wanted to fall onto the left wing as well whenever I sat it on a table. I'm embarrassed to say, it took me a lot longer than it took you to clue into that fact. I just laid a quarter on the right wing and held it level and watched which way it fell, and then adjusted the position of the quarter. Once it gets to the point where it's hard to tell which side it favors, you are probably there.

When you put the arrow shaft in the fuselage, did you first remove the fiberglass spar, or is it still in there. With all the mods you did, how much weight do you think you added to the tail? Maybe that is why you have to push the battery forward to get 77.
I took out the fiberglass spar. The only weight I added was a carbon rod in the vertical stab and any weight the arrow shaft and gorilla glue could have added.
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