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Originally Posted by campbellj View Post
So should I be able to practically balance the plane on the landing skids? I was messing with mine last night after getting it all back together and noticed it always wants to fall to the left wing, so I know the left side is heavier. I know actually getting it to balance on the skids would be hard, but it wouldn't be hard to tell when it's close.

Also as far as CG is 77mm from the leading edge what you all use or the 70mm that the manual says? Seems at 77mm on my fingertips I almost have to get the battery out of its hole to balance. I'm probably gonna rig up something tonight to balance it properly without my fingers. Also the CG should be checked with the prop folded in right?
To get from 70 to 77 you should have to move the battery back, not forward. Not sure how you are measuring this, but 77mm is about where the servo wires come out of the wings.
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