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Where's Wayne???

Here I am, I took another little break from the Raven build. Remember I said I was the worlds slowest builder. So where am I at? Well I have finished making the spoilers and fitting them into the wing. On my previous builds I have simply used a flat piece of 1" x 1/16" carbon stock for the spoilers. They stay flat, don't warp and are easy to fit in the wing. The only problem with this spoiler solution is that it causes is a flat spot on the upper wing. This time around I wanted a spoiler that would maintain the airfoil shape along the upper edge of the wing.

So I used some TE stock and added piece of stock across the back of the LE edge so that the grains would oppose each other in the hopes of preventing warping. When I made the spoiler bays I cut the ribs so a little bit of the spoiler would stick out above the wing profile. Then I sanded the entire thing down to the wing profile, this way the top of the spoiler matches the curve of the upper wing profile. Hopefully this will help minimize any disruption in the airflow across the wing. It was a little more work but hopefully it will make a difference.

So next I needed to run the wing servos through the wing and solder on a connector to tie into the fuselage. Well let me tell you straight up that I really dislike soldering. I'm not good at it, I don't have enough hands to hold everything, I always end up burning my fingers.... My list of complaints goes on and on so needless to say I have been procrastinating. Well 3 days ago I finally decided that I would beging the dreaded task and I started to run the spoiler servos through the wing and out the root. Guess what, I didn't make the holes large enough to fish the wire through. Try though I may I could not get the wire through, so I get out the drill and mt assortment of bits and I figure out how big I need to enlarge the hole to and I drill out the wing root. That went fine, my bit was long enough to reach rib #2 and soon that rib was good to go. Then I pulled the bit out and started from the opposite side, rib #4 fell to my drill in no time but rib #3 was another story. Due to the other wing ribs I couldn't get the drill lined up to reach rib #3. Long story short, I ended up going to the store and purchasing a 12" long drill bit just so that I could reach it. Not the end of the world but just a word to the wise, make your servo wire holes one size bigger that you think you will need.

So now I am on to burning my fingers while I solder on those little wiring harness connectors. I won't have a ton of time to work on this until after the holidays but I will continue to slowly poke along. Thanks for sticking with me and continuing to watch.

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