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V202 Review UPDATE: Recalibrating your accelerometers and Deviation Hack


Recalibrating your V202\V212\V222:

The V2x2 series can now be controlled using any Devo transmitter that's capable of running the Deviation hack:

Reserved.............but right now I can tell you it's REALLY stable. Let me tell you, WL Toys never disappoints me. The supplied 25C lipos seem to have some decent punch, unlike the former V939 batteries which were some of the worst I've seen on any RC flyer I've tried. They actually seem to have more punch than the Mini Pet batteries, but I need to do more testing. We didn't get many extras as we didn't know how good the lipos were going to be.

If I can describe it........take the X4, give it some decaff to calm its nerves, and you have the personality of the V202. It's still very aggressive and nimble, just not as epileptic.

Flips: Flip after flip after flip after flip. Need to go to 100% to do flips and you simply move cyclic to extreme to do a flip, so you can do an accidental flip, but unlike most of the other quads at 100% rates you're guaranteed to do a flip instead of crashing if you accidently go too far. 80% can be flown inside but most will probably use 60%.

Couple more flight tests. The problem with the X4\6044 are that the cyclic isn't linear so you get the gerbil\bee\dragonfly effect. The cyclic on the v202 is smoooooth and linear. One thing that the V202 carries on from it's brother the V939 is nice smooth banked turns. Something I've come to miss since retiring my V939.

The scorpion canopy is a fat pig at 2.2 grams vs the beetle canopy which is 1.4 grams. We have both in stock (beetle comes in red, yellow and purple)

The quad sans canopy and battery is 28.4 grams.

RX board top:

That extra plug turns on\off with the LEDs via the former flip button. I can now run my 808 cam without having to solder a lead onto the board.


And the question you've all been asking............NO, it's not Turnigy 9X \ FlySky compatible

The V202 comes with the same dual lipo charger the V939 came with and while it comes with black and green blades mounted, the spares are black and orange.

The LEDS seem to be pretty bright, still not as good as the Mini Pet's, but decent enough to see for night time flying.

Tommorrow is the outdoor test, and I'll try to get some videos done as well.

Thanks to Syntex for the following:

Originally Posted by Synthex View Post
V202 hardware :

TOREX : XC6206P332MR : 662K : Voltage regulator LDO 3.3V
TOREX : E50N : Voltage booster step-up 5V
Inductor : 47uH : 470 : Inductor for voltage booster
Schottky Barrier Diode : S4 : Diode for voltage booster
MOSFET Transistor : A22T : Motor PWM control driver
Quartz for CPU : 16.000 : 16 MHz Crystal
NUVOTON : NuMicro MINI54ZAN ARM Cortex-M0 : MINI54ZAN 228AC : CPU 32bits ARM - ROM:16KB RAM:2KB - (32pin QFN)
BEKEN : BK2423 : Wireless RF 2.4GHz Transceiver Modules - (20pin QFN)
INVENSENSE : MPU-6050C : 6 Axis Accelerometer & Gyroscope - (24pin QFN)

CPU datasheet :
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