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I think mightymouse7717 has stated it well, but I'm afraid you group 'all americans as consumerists' a bit too quickly. I agree, If this were an automotive component, the expectation would be different.

The costs for hardened designs, QA etc would drastically increase the price of the various components.

But this is a HOBBY we are talking about.

Some get as much enjoyment from experimenting and building as they do flying. This group doesn't mind being leading and bleeding edge, and is willing to piece parts together, experiment, and tweak. As long as components are not over-priced, this group is willing to try something if it looks like it will satisfy their needs, even with the knowledge that it may not be perfect or have some limitations. Remember the old school RC days where hobbyist had to build everything , and were the R&D team, test bed, and control group.

So it is not cultural, it is personal. A guy I fly with is very much of the mind set similar to yours. He expects perfect QA, fully plug and play, standardized with all components able to easily connect to the other components, and just work with no complicated wiring diagrams, tweaking. He wants to FLY! not necessarily know how the internals work, or are put together.. He is also willing to pay top dollar for this. I respect and understand this point of view.
The current state of FPV, RC is not 'quite' there yet.. Groups like TBS and others have attempted to put together RTF packages, but they often are lacking in certain functions or features. There are some systems out there in the $10,000 USD range, but for most that is beyond hobby grade..

I, on the other hand, get enjoyment from the tweaking, and sort of like the fact that I can put the pieces together to make a functioning system at less than half the cost of his. Often it perform as well, and maybe even better than some of the out of the box, high cost alternatives.
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