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From Bedroom to Gym

I got to my indoor gym last night. It's a full court basket ball gym with room for spectators around the sides. The larger 30" sized planes I have can fly there but its not relaxing as you are constantly running out of room and have to be extremely precise. This Crack Yak Mini is PERFECT in this smaller room.

My first impression when I got to fly at my indoor location, a single basketball court was, "This is CHEATING!!"

Seriously this is the best EPP plane I have ever flown. Wait did I say EPP? Just strike EPP and say its the best indoor plane under 30 inches I have ever flown. This thing slows down to a crawl and is incredibly predictable. I'm using 14gram 180mah batts on mine and I feel they are perfect for this model. I like floaty and usually push my cg toward the back edge of the range. This model handles rearward cg like it could care less. I was doing SLOW rollers and it was so easy!

Did they cook the EPP in a helium environment?

You feel like you are running a simulator at 1/2 speed. It just floats along so easy. LOVE IT!

I had a couple of oops moments when I was showing off inverted and dragging the tail on the floor and it canopy landed, Then a harder nose in showed that EPP is my friend. No damage. I'm not that great and still making mistakes so I appreciate the forgiveness of EPP. The LG work great on the gym floor and flex nicely for plopping down on carpet as well. I think the design using bar stock over rod is a great idea allowing the gear to flex on impacts that would normally snap carbon rod.

My AUW without battery is 73.8 grams using Welders and an Orange 6 channel RX without the case. I can't see the need to sweat over reducing more grams from the airframe. My two differing batteries showed the same flight characteristics regardless of the additional couple grams.
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