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Thanks Obake, They are all very sensible and would no doubt contribute to making a very flyable aircraft.

The great challenge with creating this aircraft is not only its performance but also designing so it can be built by others and probably the most important challenge is to make it so it doesn't break the bank.

The restrictions I have placed to keep spend down are, apart from the foam cutting tool, there will be no other tooling created to produce it. So in effect this means the aircraft has to be set up in a similar fashion to all the other aircraft in the sense that it uses the same Rx, wire control system, same plastics etc.

Interestingly I believe the Hawk only had ailerons on the upper wing, but they moved with a control rod from the lower wing. This plays right into my hands with the above considerations in mind and we should be able to replicate this scale detail quite accurately.

I had an epiphany yesterday on struts. I'd tried making the struts from wire and the concept was pretty sound as the wire would be clad with Depron & stickers to get it looking right. But on weighing them I wasnt impressed coming in at about 6g in total for all the ironwork!

Back to the drawing board and I was wracking my brain for ideas. I'd come to the conclusion that the struts should be laser cut or punched from some sort of rigid, lightweight material but for the life of me I couldn't think of anything suitable off the top of my head. Carbon fibre? some sort of new advanced and lightweight plastic? I was searching Google for inspiration for half an hour or so when a synapse connected in my brain - wood, you fool!

What better way of resolving the issue of building a vintage biplane by applying such a traditional material to the more advanced CF & foam.

I now have a sheet of 1.5mm thin plywood leaning against the wall ready to go under the knife (hope I get some time today). I've designed up the cabanes and interplanes so they can be easily fitted and the cabanes form a trapezoid 'box' to ensure accurate wing alignment.

I see these being laser'd in production. As soon as I have them cut (by hand) I'll post some pics for critical analysis!

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