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hi guys, i'm having some frustrating problems with my ys.
I had been very happily using the ys on a small hexcopter, until, flying it fpv i flew it into my house. Instead of repairing my hex, i decided to build a better rig. After the crash i checked the FC and everything seemed ok. i was very relived.
I have now upgraded to quad flying on 6 cells and 14" props. it is an ecilop frame similar to zero uav's own steadidrone. Unfortunately i am having problems, and since i have changed every single component, working out the problem is proving very difficult and i am losing my patience.
With my old hexa, i always took off in manual mode 1 very easily, with the new quad take off in mode one is very difficult, it's very jittery and always wants to tip over. But the main problem is that on the last three flights. I am hovering, and suddenly it appears as 1 motor cuts out. on the last this was at about 2 meters and caused considerable damage.
For the last flight i have the hj file. The crash happens at the end(no surprise). If you forward to about the last 1/8th of the playback you will see i take of then settle in to a hover, throttle is at 41. i have taken off in mode 2. i hovered for a minuet with no problems. i then wanted to gain a little altitude then switch to mode 1 then come down to land. however what really happened is i gained a bit too much altitude, then switched to mode 1 then dropped the throttle( right down to 7 in playback) to stop the assent.all fine so far, however once i put the power back on , it flipped and fell to the ground.
My initial thoughts were that i had a problem with 1 motor or esc, as it always appears as if one of the motors cuts out. however there are other factors. Shake and vibration seem quite erratic on this frame. on the old hexa it was always between 3 and 8. on the quad its between 3 and 14 generally. putting on 11" props helped reduce the vibrations and made take off in mode 1 less jittery.
After studying the hj file it seems as though it is not one of the motors cutting out but the fc putting it self in to full left bank with full up and a lot of pan too, even though you can see there is no input from the sticks. You can see just before the crash i dropped the throttle right for a second then put the throttle to about 50%. It is now as put the power back on, now in mode 1 that the vibrations and shake go high, then it forces itself into a flip.
What could make the vibrations suddenly rise, it is not a loose component, this has happened on all my last flights. Is this something i can resolve just by lowing vibrations, Or perhaps i've damaged my imu in the last crash in my hexa.......
Sorry this is such a long post, i hope that it makes sense! Any help would be much appreciated

Thanks, tristan

Ok i can't upload the hj file, says invalid file...any one know how to do that?....
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