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Nice "Telly-40" build you've got going there in the UK!

Dear DeepThought:

The PIPE Here...I noticed your Telemaster 40 build going here at RCGroups, and I surmised you're building the six foot (1.8 meter) wingspan version from your photo at ...the "Telly-40" kit that's waiting for me to GET BACK TO WORK again to be able to afford building it (unemployed since September 2008!!) is from the American Hobby Lobby International firm in Tennessee, the North American distributor of them.

From my earlier thread concerning my Telly-40 kits' eventual power needs here at RCGroups, I figured that the all-broken-in Saito 56 four-stroke mill that I've got here at home would be ideal for powering it, and at the bottom of this posting is a drawing for a "designed & to be built by yours truly" epoxy-fiberglass COWL for the Telly-40 and its Saito 56 mill, to be "side-mounted" with the Saito-made aluminum motor mount I obtained for it.

Such things like a set of full Frise-hinged ailerons for it (something I've had a LOT of experience with doing, for two earlier RC aircraft) and a leaf-spring, J-3 Cub-style well as a FULLY REMOVABLE set of tail surfaces for ease of transport...are also things my own Telly-40 would be getting in time, and those sorts of things can be fully designed by myself with the degree of CAD drafting experience I've had for some 20 years now.

I've also managed to get my hands on a scraped-together set of scans for the original, 1970-vintage 2.4 meter wingspan German drafted drawings (by Karl-Heinz Denzin) for the "Senior Telemaster" and placed them on my hard disk for future considerations, like scratchbuilding one from my own CAD-drawn plans for it. I've got a rear camshaft OS FS-90 glow ignition four stroke mill for that future Senior Telly, which will be built as a tribute to the enjoyment my late RC flying instructor, Sam Frey of Cape Cod, Mass. had with his own example, powered with an Enya 90-4C four stroke mill way back in the early 1980s.

Telemasters are about some of the best flying RC aircraft around if you love slow flying, as I've always preferred. And, four-stroke mills seem to fly them better than about anything else, too, if one's not going with electric power. I DO intend to try RC electric flying with the sorts of late 1930s/early 1940s free flight large size (between five to seven foot wingspan) so-called "Old Timer" models - with three channel RC control (rudder/elevator/ESC) when I can afford it (again, I AM unemployed for the present) and power them for flight exclusively with A123's lithium iron phosphate cells for safety and durability considerations.

Best of luck with the further progress on your own Telemaster...

Yours Sincerely,

The PIPE....!!
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