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Just 12 days to go and 19 builds finished to go into the final poll.

Of the rest, Colibriguitars Tom Tit is finished, just waiting for the motor and lipo to arrive in Mexico from Hong Kong, and it looks like WarrenB's Junior 112, Froglube's Veronite No. 2 and kk phamtom's Tipsy Nipper should also make it.

So what about the others? Well, Rabidrue's scaled up Fleetwing, built to his usual impeccable standards, is very well advanced, but he has taken a building holiday for understandable personal reasons so I guess it won't make it, and although several others - brokenenglish, saslinky, bigisbest and cswee - have done a significant amount of building, for whatever reasons they seem to have run out of enthusiasm for their projects which is a pity. I just hope that they will eventually finish the models and let us all see the results via their build logs. Plus of course we have one or two who made entries, no doubt with the best of intentions, but never opened build logs so, we must assume, never got started. This is the curse that afflicts us all - so many models so little time!!

As for me, I was always pushing it to try and build the Tarquin in time, and it isn't likely to happen now; however I do have the considerable compensation of having finished the Sportster, Mars and Fairy. Main reason for my failure with the Tarquin is that I have been fully engaged with finishing and fitting out the new "man cave" and moving everything in. It is now all completed, but I cannot see me getting enough time in there before 31/12/2012 to finish the Tarquin, however, it WILL get finished even if too late for the poll. Sorry about that, I don't like to fail with a project, so in compensation here are some views of the new workshop, before it gets messed up with next year's builds!
Sundancer is online now Find More Posts by Sundancer
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