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Confirmed that the battery is Li-Io

I had a newer battery go bad on me a week ago because one of the stock chargers I had decided to have a melt down while charging. (this ruined the battery also obviously)

Anyway I always was about 99% sure these batteries were lithium ion and not lipo's... just due to the weight and cell layout which is common with a Li-Io. I have a friend that teaches at a chem lab at a local university and he owed me a favor. So I dropped the battery off with him. He "dissected" the battery itself and did some kind of testing on it and confirmed it is infact lithium ion and not lipo. Sorry to burst everyone's bubble here.

Anyway I had my newest 8006 all apart this week for another extensive paint job (similar to my previous one but this time im painting the frame body. It appears you can easily cut the tabs (the stoppers that hold the battery from falling out the front or the back) off of the new style battery boxes..which would allow the use of a very large LIPO. Im guessing I could cram something in there around 3500ma or bigger. I have spare frame work from my first 8006 so i'll prob attempt the mod with that battery box.. however I only have one working PCB between the two so i'm very hesitant because i don't want to fry this one. I am also going to be adding some serious weight in the nose with clay to allow me to keep her moving even in the wind... this will also require remounting of the blades or some spacers so that the sudden nose dips dont cause the blades to smack and crash.

Im going to start out with a few grams for now using the stock battery, but anticipate being able to add much more once I get a lipo in there (and I will need to re balance it anyway). I will be using velcro to secure the battery inside the heli frame and just run the charge wire out the side like in most lipo run birds. Also if you loosen the two screws that hold the PCB mount in place you can actually rotate the entire mount/board to be vertical instead of horizontal, which will allow the larger battery to be slid forward. (I discovered this because my new 8006 came this way from the factory and I flipped the board back down horizontal when I replaced it.)
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