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Originally Posted by Flypoppa View Post
I have recently received my Hubsan X4 and U816. I am getting to grips with them and fortunately I have a large grass field that I fly from. (I need it).
On the TX of the U816 there are 2 buttons on the top. I have sussed that the one on the right is for other models that have lights, and this would turn them on or off. But what is the button on the left for? When I press it I get a beeping. It does not do anything to the U816 whilst flying.
You are correct on the upper right button controlling lights on other models such as the u816a

As for the left and the beeping that should signal auto flip mode but with you choosing which way it flips. Next time you're out flying get it about 12 feet up just to get used to the feel even though it basically does everything for you. Hit the button and while it is beeping push your right stick (if yours is mode 2, left stick for mode 1) all the way to one direction, either full forward, backward, left or right. Whichever direction you push your stick it should autoflip in that direction. Once completed the beep will stop
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