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Originally Posted by jimbo320 View Post
Took the extra to the park armed with my new props. First pack, tryed a rolling loop in the first minute. Bang nosed it in broken prop. (this was the new 11 x7 so fly at 3.75 a pop). Dang, i said, so i put on the spare, the 10 x7 slo9 fly, couple more circuits, tried an inverted spin, kept it going too low, pulled out about 4 feet from the ground inverted stalled it, bang in she goes, another broken prop.
Thats 7.50 worth of props in about 3 minutes. I think i need to get a cheaper prop or learn how to fly. Just couldnt fly for toffee, all over the place. Out of touch with the Extra, as i havent flown it for a while.
They are coarse pitch props for 3D and maybe your ESC Do you mean 11 x 4.7 SF?
I am using 11 x 4.7SF on the 2810 motor, but if you are using the 2217, I'm guessing that is working it some, mine got hot on a 10 x 4.7!

Don't feel too bad, my friend and I were flying last week, the only two people there, both with ExtraVaganza's and we hit each other
I managed to remove one blade of his prop and take a piece out of the centre of the other one, cut the front off both his wheel spats and make several lacerations through his wing up to the spar
I came off better with a bent motor cross mount, bent prop driver shaft, split in the wheel spat and 1" missing off one prop blade.

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