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Originally Posted by massimopaolo28 View Post
so which keycam (#11 or #16) is better in terms of video quality like sharpness? i watched some youtube videos comparing #11 and #16 and most of them finds that #11 is better in video quality.
Sharpness will depend how well the lens is focused at the factory. My guess is it's pot luck if your lens is 100% focused. You can focus the lens yourself but it's fiddly and you can easily crack the wires in the ribbon cable rendering the lens unit useless. I know the #16 developer has analyzed many, many, lenses for his camera and is always looking for alternatives. I don't think the #11 developer has done this, but I may be wrong.

I don't know which comparison videos you have found on youtube, because there must be hundreds, but it's almost impossible to do a true comparison because of the different lens' used and the different AOV which each lens type has. The #16 developer currently offers 3 different lens types, the #11 only has one.

If you are comparing video quality, then you may well be looking at older video material. The quality has always been almost identical, but there are definitely color and saturation differences between the two models. Since these can be individually configured, it makes a comparison all but impossible. For many months it's been possible to adjust the #16 color settings and lately it's also possible to adjust the #11 color settings. If you are comparing older video material, then the #16 used to show much more natural colors whereas the #11 used to have more saturated colors. Some people prefer the unnatural colors. Today's firmware allows you to adjust the colors, so these comparisons are no longer valid.

In a nutshell I would say both cameras are very similar and are fine for general-purpose use. If you dig deeper you'll find big differences which greatly affect the final results. I have been using and testing both models ever since they were introduced, and I prefer the #16 in all instances. I just find it the far better camera in terms of flexibility and simplicity, but that's my personal opinion.

I also like it how the #16 developer has all the good firmware ideas and is truly innovative. The #11 developer copies these ideas.
On the other hand, the #11 developer is innovative as far as hardware design is concerned. He designed the "smiley" #11 and I believe the latest #18 MD80 is also his design. Now it's high time to develop a Gumpack model which has a flat surface unlike the MD80. The MD80 is all but impossible to attach using the front side, but I'm diverting....
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