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Originally Posted by Hell_Cat View Post
Just got my Monocoupe yesterday and it's a very nice looking plane. Like most everyone that has already posted I have minimal complaints and am quite satisfied with the quality and fitment of components.

However, as there is most always a hitch or two in this hobby, my ESC decided to give me some grief when I got around to testing it. Everything powered up as expected with the typical battery type and brake selection tones. The receiver and servos had power and everything worked... until I tried to run up the motor. As I pushed the throttle forward there was the unwelcome sound of a stuttering/stalled motor.

First thought was the ESC timing was incorrectly set from the factory but not having a manual I thought I might get lucky and tried the typical throttle calibration procedure of TX at full throttle, then plugging in the flight battery, wait for 2 beeps and then pulling down to low stick and listening for another confirmation beep to allow the ESC to learn the range. As expected, no luck, still no motor rotation. After a quick search online I found the proper programming procedure for the ESC. After spending a few very annoying minutes sitting through various tones and moving the throttle stick around a bit I had finally reprogrammed my ESC to my liking and the motor now functions perfectly.

After adjusting the timing setting and getting the motor to finally run I discovered that the brake was also turned ON from the factory... makes you wonder who's playing with these things before they send them out. Maybe that's what takes them so long to get here.

Factory defaults are supposed to be...

Brake: OFF
Battery type Detect: LiPo with Automatic Cell
Low voltage Cutoff threshold: Medium (3.0V/60%)
Timing Setup: Automatic
Soft Acceleration Start Up: Soft Acceleration
Governor Mode : RPM OFF
Frequency : 8kHz
Low Voltage Cutoff T ype: Reduce power

The ESC is made by Shenzhen ZTW-Model Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Type: A-ZTW30A BEC

PN#Model: ZTW12030

I hope this helps out anyone else that may have issues with these ESC's in the future.
This was super helpful thank you
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