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i had 2 crashes in 2 hours on my v450 on saturday.....after the first crash, i rushed home n tried fixing it....half way thru it my hand got strike by the tail blades.....for 5 minutes my hand was numb and i thought i've cut the tendons as i coulnd't move my fingers at all.....i wiped off the blood and had a closer was alright...just surface cut.....thought i might needed stitches that evening but the bleeding stopped i was fixing it when i was bleeding....all well....and got it hover the back yard at 9:30pm....when it was dark....the heli when up and i lost sighs....shouldn't have tested it with throttle up.....i panicked pulled it back quickly and it came back so fast that i hit the pillar....with the blades chopping off a piece of brick out....that's it for the night....the 2nd pair of blades lasted 20 seconds and now my v450 is just sitting on the bench....not able to fly again as the blade holder ball link was snapped....

i went back flying again with my tarot, 120d02 (3axis) and 250 dfc on sunday morning and crashed 2 on inverted flights and the 120d02s gyro is broken after a head on landing on the ground.....that's it heli life for the week is parts no fixing, no is a really down moment.....i still have 2 6-axis d02s but i dont like flying the 6-axis...

at times i'm thinking if i should just stop flying....have u guys experience any down moments like this....?
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