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Originally Posted by LoneNomad View Post
Hi guys!

I'm also a newbie in R/C, though I do have a background in robotics.

I am reviewing my options to build an hexacopter, my first aircraft, and I'm very interested in this build. However, I am really worried about flight time. Without any payload, what is your actual flight time? I heard people say 4 minutes!

Since I'm interested in FPV and autonomous flight in the long term, getting a 10+ minutes of flight is critical, while being reliable and able to sustain some payload.

What are your thoughts about this?
My setup uses approximately 720Mah per minute. Thats at 4.5-4.75lbs flying weight You could add more weight but the consumption per minute will go up due to the increased power needed to sustain flight. So I could use 2x5000mah batteries and I believe my setup will lift it but I will have diminishing returns on flight time. The same battery (3600mah) on my bixler will fly 15 minutes even with fpv equipment, and I believe single motor gliders is where you will find the longest flight times. The key to a good long flying setup is a set of motors that put out alot of thrust with low amp loading. Im not sure where these HK motors stand on the efficient scale but I think that they're reasonable and know more efficient motors are out there.

You may want to consider getting some sort of RC flight simulator and or a foam plane (bixlers the BEST!) to learn to fly before jumping into a multi rotor vehicle for a first timer. It has auto level and such but you may find it crashed beyond recognition from unavoidable rookie mistakes. In my opinion it flies just like a fixed pitch helicopter which is a really bad deal for a RC first timer .

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