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Hi all,
Its been nearly 2 years since my last post in here, but I figured that if I was to attempt a comeback, I should punish myself by breaking my own promise of never to fly anything small and motor driven tail ever again. Those 2 years away from RCG I didn't fly a thing (still have all my ginormous scale helis in the shelf, and they all still fly) so I went straight into the hardest and most addictive little bugger I could find: The Nano CPX... oh boy. Coming from such a long break and previously used to fly exclusively massive sized multiblade scale birds, the Nano feels like a freaking Formula One. I've already crashed it quite a bit and the reviews weren't a joke: It truly is indestructible (**hint: hit TH before it plummets) So far I haven't done much with it, probably wont, but I did tighten the feathering spindle a tad and changed the blades for the 'bullet' ones. The timings are all off, so what took 2 seconds on the scale heli, it takes .2 seconds on this one.

Read a lot about this 'beginner 1st heli..' Well I feel that this is probably not for any novice pilot who is looking for that "instant gratification" that you'll get from coaxials. (I have two, mCX and mCX2) So to put it out there, the NCPX is definitively not an instant gratification helicopter for the beginner and if you expect to be zooming around your living room annoying your pets in a day's time, then look elsewhere. Expect it to "gain speed faster than the Millenium Falcon going into hyperspace" and once it gets going, nothing but the right precise stick movement combination will avoid the inevitable slamming into whatever is in its otherwise uncontrolled path, and if then, inevitably, you forget to yank Throttle Hold (TH) in time, then you'll start sending checks to E-Flite to keep the NCPX in life support... But OTOH, if you can manage to learn how to fly this thing, be assured that you can fly anything.

Overall, I think the machine feels and flies great, most basic maneuvers are handled with ease, figure 8s, funnels, backwards..., (all slow) its just that I am not accustomed to something this fast. With that said, however, there are a few things that I've noticed not to my 100% liking: The most noticeable is the tail: It really feels weird compared to the variable pitched tails of all my other helis.
Then the RPM governor, oh boy, do I miss this one... used to set it and forget it, now the throttle becomes an issue and throttle curves has to adapt for the increased pitch... one time to set up but the power/headspeed drops with flight time, oh well. And lastly, flight time... most of my scale machines can stay airborne for 20+ minutes and well, the NCPX, with a mere 5 1/2 minute flight time its definitively a huge let down for me. Now granted, I knew about it, but oh boy, the NCPX screams to be flown just one more pack... oh wait!.. no more batteries?... Nope, they are all charging.

Cheers and any suggestions on how to tame the little beast would be appreciated.

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