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Originally Posted by MRGTX View Post
Not a bad idea. the view count is pretty staggering... Unfortunately, most of this discussion has been an argument between a few of us who would really like to see the plane cloned and one guy who was "just trying to help" by stating over and over again that it wasn't popular at the time that it originally came out which probably has little to do with if this model should be reintroduced in 2013 for the myriad of reasons mentioned.

So the thread itself was trolled and ruined. Do you think that it's a good idea to draw Ming's attention here? I'm just not sure.

I suspect that the Sonic Liner/Sonic Cruiser design may stand on its own merits, along with the recently emerging desirability/collectibility of this model.
Well,we always could go back and redact those posts involved in the "trolling " although that would only eliminate half of those ,I dont imagine the other guy that "controls" the other half of those posts would do the same considering not only his apparent opposition to the cloning of the SL*but his ego as well.....Ming might find that part of the thread rather amusing as well,who knows?I suspect though that if he were to view this thread ,he'd skim thru the first couple pages ,and note that there is definitely an interest in seeing the SL resurrected,and discount much of the discussion by the opposition for what it is. The view count alone with convince me .

The thing is ,discounting my abortive attempt to rationalise the costs associated with tooling up a new venture like the fact ,the costs involved couldn't be too staggering ,otherwise companies like Horizon and Hobby King and Dynam wouldn't continue to produce the planes they do in the numbers they do.In the case of Horizon ,they have dozens of planes they continue to produce ,their relatively new trend towards micro planes may soon out strip their larger planes ...I for one own most of the micro series now with my recent purchase of the Mosquito ,even if I do strip it down .If Ming produced a micro version of the SL ,I suspect it would have a much greater following than the original especially in a RTF .I imagine a micro would be cheaper to produce too.

I'm loving this ignore function ,I see he has weighed in with some other comment below ,but since he's on my ignore list ,I havent a clue its content.

*Whats really up with that anyway? Does he have a personal stake in MPX/ownership-stock in the company perhaps? and doesnt want to see sales go elsewhere?His vehement opposition seems to go a long way towards keeping the SL permanently off the market .
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