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More Questions....#12 - 15

Hello, Again thanks for your comments.

My hull no is 563. The gunwales are in and ready for interior stuff. I've abandoned a recessed sub deck but thanks for your comments in this regard. New questions svp ...

12. I saw a pic of a single arm setup somewhere, but can't find it. Can anyone direct me;
and has anyone dimensions for this arm ?

13. I'm hoping to plank the hull, purely for aesthetics; but as CaptBit points out, perhaps at the expense of performance. I plan using a 815 BB and single arm which should weigh less than the RMG setup. The single arm allows the servo to be placed low in the hull like the winch setup. The additional weight then will be the planking. This, based on weighing some cedar planks, adhesive etc would appear to add about 120 gr (4.2oz). The weight of finishing should be about the same with or without the planking. So my question... the boat weight will likely exceed somewhat the minimum weight, unless I shave off some lead - should the boat meet the min weight or be stiffer and somewhat exceed the min weight ??

For some perspective; Solings don't seem to suffer from being a bit heavy.

14. What is the lightest anyone has built to (before having to add weights) ?

15. I noticed CaptBit's boat has no shroud racks can you comment, please Capt ?

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