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Well, I got the Cameo a few weeks ago, and have been stunned by what it would cut. See the attachment for the graphic on the side of the McpX canopy. For reference, the mounting holes in the canopy are 1 mm in diameter.
Letters are 3/32" tall, and it will cut smaller. One thing I have found is that when cutting tiny stuff like this, it sometimes lifts a letter, requiring a recut, and after doing this a bunch of times it gets worse. Turns out the little bits can pack up around the blade in its socket. Soaking the blade tip in rubbing alcohol and blowing it out with a can of air clears the issue up. A clean blade cuts cleaner.

Weeding really small stuff requires a special trick.
Cut the design and a small box around the design.
Weed out certain aspects of the letters, like the inside bits of the "B"
For 2 colors, like the BLHeli, weed out BL completely, cut a BL from a different sheet, and manually with a #11xacto blade lift them and place them in the sockets left in the original vinyl. Now apply transfer tape, lift the small box and the letters, and weed off the vinyl surrounding the letters (small box) from the transfer tape.
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