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Originally Posted by Tomahawk View Post
Bellcranks do create slop in the control system and I feel slotting the crank would introduce even more slop. Looking at the diagram, one would worry about the swing arc of the bellcrank and binding of the wire in the hinge tube. Even now when I look at it, I think the same thing.
I measured the actual movement of the bellcrank on my Falcon. Where the ball link is located on the bellcrank, it only moves 1/8" or 7mm each way. The bending of the wire is non existent. I have actually found the other end where it attaches to the rudder moves much more.


I would like to make a suggestion. Maybe the moderators could move these posts on the twin rudder control out of the two plans threads and create a new thread. The information provided is valuable to be lost in these threads. It has also created a life of its own and is now off topic of posting plans. Just a suggestion.

Yeah. Now that I think about, my slot idea is not the best solution. People used bellcranks on ailerons for years. They just allowed enough clearance for the pushrod to move with the arc of the bellcranks. I would just mount a microservo in the tail. Maybe even two. One for each rudder.
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