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Will for sure need a top layout as well. Wings are the easiest. The rest of it is more difficult. If it goes together like a box, you can do the wings seperate, and then folks can either do a flat with or with an airfoil based off that. For the fueslage, the side view, 2 parts will need to be cut, a left and right, and then of course a bottom and top piece. Your removeable canopy won't be as simply though as I'm fairly certain you sanded that to shape? I was almost gonna try to replicate your plane just based off top and side view pics of it. The wings, and vertical stab will obviously be easy as they are flat. The two fuesalage sides will also be fairly easy minus the back where it all comes together to make the fan holder. The bottom will also be easy. The top is more difficult. The nose cover is fairly easy to make from just a small curved piece of foam, but the canopy is not quite as easy. It is a beautiful plane and I love your work. I'd love to have one to fly. I've got a 3000kv motor coming for a pusher that needs a home. I also have a 70mm fan that I could remove from a plane also to power this.
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