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Glad to hear that you've been enjoying the pair of them.

Good info on the TB stab too. I've actually settled on my final planform for the bird which is going to be a tad experimental since I've made some minor changes which may impact flight in a hopefully positive way. I'm actually drawing on experiments I did 25 years ago with models I used to scratch build with a bud. They were invariably 15-25 size models on 2-4 channels. I often found the models I scratched based on RCM plans to be squirrelly until I modified the tail end. After the mods, they always flew better until I started changing the planform from the start. Maybe it was just how I liked the plane to fly and respond. They would fly on wing and stab, tracking, rather than responding to pitch and roll on the wing alone.

With that said, I was still on the bridge about the stab and thought that I might just build an airfoiled stab for my bird. Granted the scaled DB plans have a pretty thin airfoil but the overall stab is a fair but thicker than the 3/16" sheet stab of the original.

Did you use scaled DB20 plans for the stab ribs? I'm going to design it do that it's fast and easy to build - two halves, 5-6 notched ribs, no spars, 1/16" sheeting. Optional anhedral center rib guide for fun.

Remind me, is the wing top flat or is there more dihedral to it than that? I'm on my phone at the moment...

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