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Hi Ian,
I have been following your original Arduino Nano (328) RC transmitter thread and now this thread. Your efforts have been very impressive and I have started to duplicate your USB version of your RC transmitter.
I have a Seeeduino Mega (Uno form factor) and one of the Circuits@Home USB shields put together along with a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick. Presently I am waiting on the arrival of a 16X2 parallel LCD so I cannot build the complete setup. However I did load the latest code on the Mega and connected up the joystick to the USB shield and took a look at the PPM output of the Mega.
I am using a Parallax Propscope computer driven oscilloscope to view the PPM. I am fairly new to the Propscope and could not get the scope to sync to the PPM output. However, using a manual trigger process, I was able to view changes in the PPM output for the ailerons, elevator, and rudder pulses so I know that the Mega is reading the joystick and creating PPM output.
I suspect the reason that I could not get the scope to sync to the PPM output has to do with programming the Mega RC program by using the LCD display to set the joystick input attributes? Your comments please.
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