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Ah, AV8r you can puff any battery if you run it down too far. Or if it can't deliver the amp demand asked for you can toast it.
The 25C will work as you see it in several of the posted vids because it can produce 25amps more than demanded.
A 5000 60C produces 300amps, 3 time your demand. So it will deliver 100 amps even to depleting it to 1600mAh.
So you could either fly it for 5+ min low throttle or hard for almost the entire 4 min.
Because only you know how hard you'll fly, you have to calculate what your battery choice will do and for the health of the battery, not over stress it by flying beyond it capacity.
Thus the general comment.... 40C+ 4500-5000 will handle most all average flying for 4 min (that's including safty) for batteries around 750g-850g. That's why the battery list is so long.
However some complain running batteries down past limits because they never really calc demand, mAh against capacity and C rating.
And price isn't always a good indicator because you can misuse very expensive batteries just the same but not all lipo formulas are equal. Some do have better energy density.
So don't mix up what will work, cause they all will if they poduce over 100 amps, with what will do for your flying vs what is the best, vs value.
I put the list together with links to all the vendors on each for any to quickly find what suites them and then search for the latest bargain. Keep in mind that lipos are batch recipies. I have puchased cheap and pricy brands where one batt performs great, the other crap. When that happens more with certain brands you usuall find they also exaggerated their C count rating.
Because few try several different batteries on the same setup and fly all different ways, I created the list to actually show how they do, for what kind of flying for however long.
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