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BUMMMER - first flight was really nice and exciting but plane wanted to roll left kinda bad, it was trim-able - not sure why because all of the surfaces looked straight. Started getting windy so I packed it up. landed a bit hard and overreacted so the plane tipped nose over and the prop busted on contact with the ground (as I had seen in other reviews - get extra props as you learn to fly tail draggers) The plane was much faster than I expected...

Went home and checked and the motor plate was loose. I re-glued it and let it sit for a long while. Later tonight I took it back out and everything pre-flight checked OK. So I decided to hand launch to avoid another broken prop. The plane went 5 feet then immediately pitched nose down and did a death roll to the left (just like before) and dug a hole in the ground. broke the cowling and cracked the fuse in the cartwheel that followed. I have no idea why it did that.... Full throttle and full right turn and it still went straight down and left.

I may need to check battery and RX placement, maybe CG or something???? I will dig deeper once all the glue dries. Headed to LHS to get some advice and a few more props!!!

Any pointers welcome,,,
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