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Please don't take this the wrong way. My condolences to all those that lost someone today.

We already have police at almost every campus. Teachers addend briefings on local gang activities. There are metal detectors on the doors of many schools. Video monitors all over the campus'. I am not sure what would be 100% safe and still be a learning environment. My wife is an elementary teacher. I am certified but have not been in the classroom full-time. A student at my wife's school was caught with a gun at school this year.

I know the gun control activists will jump on this but more gun control will not stop someone that wants to do harm to others.

I am glad we did not attend school at a prison when I was a kid. I was in 6th grade when the tower shooting at UT happened. The most dangerous weapon is often the human mind.

There simply is no safe haven. I just hope that we don't wind up with TSA style check points everywhere we go in the name of keeping us safe.
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