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Power system progress

My stock motor that I had been running at about 165w on 4s burned out a couple of weeks ago. First I thought it was the esc, but it was the motor.

Since then I`ve been trying to do a rewind on the motor. Using research done by Dave "Nitro Charged" I knew that the stock motor used 9 turns of #30 wire. I only had #28 wire on hand so I tried that. Could only get 6 turns on it. I think that would make a powerful 3s motor, but I want to run 4s.

I could only find #30 locally at Radio Shack....yuck, not good quality wire, but decided to give it a try. It took me 3 tries to get one without a short, but when I did, the results were worth the effort.

I used 8 turns of the #30 wire. The results in the stock 35mm SA fan with the 5 blade rotor is just under 13a on 4s which results in about 180w. It gets pretty hot (my thermometer needs batteries), but I think it will hold up if I`m careful.

I`ve also ordered some high quality #29 wire. I think I`ll be able to get 8 turns of that on the stator. That should make a killer 4s motor for the SA fan. Dave is using only 7 turns on his, for a higher kv, but that is for a 30mm fan.

So, this weekend I`m going to swap the new fan assy into the Nano so that I can see what it will do with 180w. So far I`ve only been able to fly it on about 80w. It`s pretty quick, but with over twice the power, things should get much more interesting.
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