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I use to post this for newbies having problems learning to fly mSR or CB100:

Originally Posted by i812 View Post
I've posted this so many times already, what's one more time:

I recommend this training program:
  1. Hover in one spot
    1. Nose away
    2. Nose right
    3. Nose Left
    4. Nose towards
  2. Box Circuits
    1. CW Nose away
    2. CCW Nose away
    3. CW Nose right
    4. CCW Nose right
    5. CW Nose Left
    6. CCW Nose Left
    7. CW Nose towards
    8. CCW Nose towards
  3. Circles
    1. CW Follow the Nose
    2. CCW Follow the Nose
    3. CW Follow the Tail
    4. CCW Follow the Tail
  4. Flat Pie Plates?
    1. CW Box, Nose Center
    2. CCW Box, Nose Center
    3. CW Box, Nose Outer
    4. CCW Box, Nose Outer
    5. CW Circle, Nose Center
    6. CCW Circle, Nose Center
    7. CW Circle, Nose Outer
    8. CCW Circle, Nose Outer

Unless I had a lot of money to "burn", and a lot of "free" repair down time, I wouldn't try to fly fast without first mastering it SLOW, and I wouldn't try to fly slow, without first mastering stationary.

I think progressing using a well structured training program, may be cheaper, faster, and better than a wild anything goes approach.

I've been flying for about 2 years now, have recently started practicing flying inverted on the simulator, and I'm still using the above training procedure again, but this time it is with the heli "upside" down.

I think if a person masters taking slow baby steps, before taking fast big steps, then I wouldn't expect having to do extensive/expensive repairs.

Best wishes

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