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Originally Posted by johan_alps View Post
I have no idea what I did but my devo7 seems to have mixed up FMD 0, 1 and 2 modes: Normally FMD 0 = throttle and pitch are mixed together (rotor stops when throttle stick is in the bottom position) and FMD2 = throttle max both in bottom and max positions and I have full negative pitch with the throttle stick in the bottom position.

Now I get 0 throttle and full negative pitch when the throttle stick is in the bottom position! I've been all through the devo7 settings (well probably not) and copied the entire Tom Z settings . Any bright ideas on how to fix this?

I've totally lost patience and about to throw minicp/devo7 in the garbage bin. By the way does anyone in this sport spend more than a fraction of the time actually flying? I spend 95% of my time either soldering, ordering parts, googling the latest strange behaviour of my heli, is that normal?
That's called learning and there is a lot to learn in this hobby as you advance. And yes, it gets easier. Once you have everything set up right, you only have some maintenance to do, and lots of flying.
Best to wait till tomorrow and have a fresh look at it.
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