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Originally Posted by blueprint View Post
hi guys. something is up with my new keychain cam.

i changed my sdhc card to a sandisk 8gb class 4. i was using a Samsung 16g Class 6 but the cam would turn off after about 15 minutes... sometimes it would shut off by itself in 5-10 minutes.

with the new sandisk im still getting shut downs after 5-10 minutes... whats up? is this a setting issue? battery is fully charged.
Settings have no impact on this, other than you should have video-out function toggled OFF if you don't use it. It will eat up about 10 min. of recording time when it is ON.

It sounds like a battery/charging issue. Make SURE your USB cable is not faulty (many are). Try another charging cable, or two if necessary. Charge for at least 2-1/2 hours after a shut down (ignore the green LED).

Does it still do it? If so power the camera from an external USB power supply with a KNOWN good cable. Does the camera now keep recording? If so, your battery is likely weak, or needs more cycles on it to come up to full capacity. Try another battery.

A less likely cause could be a faulty charging circuit in the camera. After a full charge cycle, measure the voltage on the camera battery. It should be a nominal 4.2V if fully charged.

And do all testing indoors where it's warm... cold will drastically reduce the battery's ability to deliver current without dropping voltage too low to power the camera.
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