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well..... i started out with a HZ Super cub and then a PZ t-28 trojan. i can crab land pretty decent with the trojan. where i fly at has a 100ft. x 30 ft concrete pad thats around 8" above the ground. thats where I usually take off and land. did have some UM micros i used landing gear on those. i have a 47" Osiris on the way, should be here soon. I got it to learn precision, then i would like to use that to fly precision 3d. thats my goal.

now ive only been flying for a total of alil more than 3 months BUT ive totally immersed myself into flying. i have flew just about everyday in those 3+ months. and when im not flying im on the simulator. havent had a crash yet *fingers crossed. my hand eye coordination i would have to say is pretty darn good. in about a month of having the epp edge i can hover, snap to hover, blenders, pop tops, harriers, elevators, parachutes, intermediate to some advanced aerobatics with it and the trojan. um let me see, i can inverted flat spin, ive practiced spin and stall recoverys. and are pretty quick on the sticks to pull out of manuveurs. most of the 3d i do know i do low on the deck, of course im sure i wouldnt be as brave with a balsa plane, right off the bat. been practice'n lately just flying inverted on epp and sim. think i pretty much stick movements stuck in my head. sure ill have a dumbthumb(fingers) moment sometime with something.

all of my flying buddys have been flying for years, they will all tell you i can already out fly them. but they arent into 3d, yet. after seeing me fly my edge they are all n the process of building an epp. when im not at work, im either flying or learning about planes and flying. they are amazed how far ive came in 3 months. i have scott stoops book, which has helped me greatly. i only wish i didnt live in the middle of the sticks in West Virginia. I wish i could fly with pilots that fly 3d and precision. i know i could learning even faster.

but after saying all of that, i know i still have A TREMENDOUS TO LEARN. Im trying to play catch-up with you guys that have already been flying 3d and precision. trying to do it as fast but logical with as few mistakes as i can.

i really appreciate all of the replys and advice. I know ill definetly need it in my noobular adventures into 3d. Im sure ill have many more questions. thanks fellers.

oh yea atm the past few days ive been working on point rolls on the sim and epp pretty happy so far with my progress but if anybody has any pointers i appreciate it.
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