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What colour is the rubber in the packs? If it's the old darker brown honest to gosh Pirelli then you might just have something rather special. The old Pirelli, as I recall, did not like to take as many turns per inch as the better batches of tan rubber we have now. It also built up more torque for a given number of turns. So in general it might make the models SEEM to fly better. But that's only because they are climbing more strongly due to the added torque. But the motor run will be shorter as a result unless you make the motor longer by a little than the tan motors. Or go for a slightly smaller width.

Then again we've all seen how variable the tan rubber can be from maker to maker and batch to batch. So even if it's tan rubber it might just be an especially good batch from some time back.
BMatthews is online now Find More Posts by BMatthews
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