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In the year 1997...

Those articles were written from a perspective from the past. Past models past radio equipment hex even from a time when airfoils varied.
I doubt there was a carbon pushrod or digital servo in play for Bradley Smith.
There is some good general info for the novice there to bud on for sure.

His comment about the inverted test completely misses the mark , since it was done to determine incidence caused by excess nose weight - not to SET the deadly "neutral" balance point.

No contest pilot would ever want a sailplane that was harder to fly or took More concentration to fly well in all conditions! We want the EASIST flying ship we can get.

Balancing a task sailplane today takes only a couple of flights because we don't set CGs for some mystical performance advantage or to make our models do the flying for us. In those days a lot of time was spent diddling with CG since the alignments changed with air temps!

As long as the stab a full flying stab guys will be able to set it according to their "beliefs" versus for communication of lift and sink versus airspeed changes.

But as I mentioned earlier many of the latest ships are coming with fixed horizontal stabs and articulated elevators so those of you looking to use nose lead and decalage to do your flying will have to start shimming tail mounts.

If you believe in you words/replies sign your name to your posts and add your photo. Include your credentials...LSF Level, contest wins,articles published,and current contest ship being flown. So like readers can see ( like all the soaring world can see for me) how much value can be applied to your opinions.

Miami Mike - you somehow gleaned that I said I was a better contest pilot than Tom Kiesling because I was there in Calgary to root for our team... In fact I am not a very good contest pilot....and yet I managed many more than 3 LSF5 wins.
Because I studied and practiced.

I didn't stand against opposite opinions about balance, setups,practice regimes,landing patterns, etc -

I tested them. And it lead to wins.

I am not smarter than any one else, but likely I do have more thumb time with guys who are smarter than anyone else in the hobby.

Want to be a better sailplane pilot? Quit arguing, go to the field and test what I offer. Then bring back improvements to my tips.
One more good day of soaring in Louisville left before the end of the world.
Gordysoar is online now Find More Posts by Gordysoar
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