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I will add only this. The pucker factor is a big part of flying 3D. I think it pretty much defines the whole fly lower mentality. If it wasn't such a thrill to hover an $800 investment a few inches off the ground or do rollers so low that you couldn't fit a popsicle stick between the tail and the ground well, OK that's not me, YET but seriously how many people would really be doing it. I say $800 because with top shelf gear that's about what I have into my 64" MXS. But that's not really the replacement cost if you crash. In most instances worst case you buy a new airframe for under $300 delivered and put your gear in it. It is more than possible if you don't have the hand eye thing and commitment to fly it until you can't, to destroy a motor ESC ans servos. I have crashed many planes over the years. But I have found one common denominator for me. There is a moment that occurs every time where in I know I'm going to hit. It is your ability to react in the exact moment that can allow you to mitigate impact damages. Back in the day I crashed and repaired a few so many times that it just can't take another repair and I retired them. I have only all out destroyed 2 airframes. Both were due to not accepting the inevitable in that moment.

Lonewolf said it pretty well with
never give up but know when to give up
I love it's simplicity

Basically I am in agreement with LW on the 64" MXS. I absolutely think it's the finest airframe out there providing the whole shebang. Precision when you want it, extreme 3D with the flip of a rate switch. Stable harrier and let's not forget the WOW factor of how it looks. Totally eye popping good looks and for me anyway what's an extra C note if the worst happens. Nada but that's me

In the end just pick the one you think looks the best. you won't regret it I'm sure
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