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I have both a Devo8 and Devo10.
The Devo8 has a pretty screen and touch interface, with 320x240 resolution, but the display is very hard to read outdoors. this can be alleviated to some extent by using high-contrast themes.
The Devo10 is only B/W, and the screen is only 128x64 (but the screen is easily read outdoors). When running Deviation, what this means is that it is easier to configure the Devo8 than the Devo10.
The Devo10 has 2 extra analog dials which can be useful, but you are unlikely to miss much for normal 6ch flight.
Personally, I think the Devo10 has better bang for your buck, but I much prefer developing Deviation on the Devo8.

Lastly, be aware that Deviation has a very steep learning curve. It is unlike any producton tx (though somewhat similar to Er9x), and many people are discuraged before mastering it. suvsuv is developing an alternate interface for Deviation which will make it feel much more familiar, but that interface will only be available on the Devo10 initially.
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