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Originally Posted by chessgame View Post
I am not using stock motor but the HK NTM 2200 kv 696 watt one...On this motor, i would not recommend using 6x4 for 4s but 7x4 .
I agree .... the original spec is 7x6 ... so a reduction to 4 is good. But reducing diameter ? No - I would not do that, all you will get is all rpm and and prop noise instead of PULL !

U do need the umph and must not be scared to use it on takeoff as the plane is heavy at 4s 1800 mah. A lack of umph or playing it safe may actually stall the plane as others have posted in earlier....
I agree to an extent but TBH - I have yet to see my 540 stall - apart from the maiden when I had too much control throw. As with most speed machines - wing loading is heavy ... that's how it goes, using gravity to add to motive power.

Watch the plastic mount. I try to wriggle it before every flight to make sure it is tight. I have since build a firewall when one part of the plastic leg broke.
Mine broke legs as well on first flight. So I ditched it and built a ply ring same depth, sufficient to carry screws etc. to fit. A washer where needed to alter thrust line and I have a motor mount that is only a couple of grams heavier, but able to carry that motor through WW3 !!

It's not pretty, but once cowls on - not seen and it certainly carries that motor a lot better.
I have considered whether to create / buy stand-off motor mount tobes and bolt through ... certainly more cosmetic, but the rear firewall has slots through that are badly positioned for this.

My 540 on 4S 1600 35C and 7x6 goes well .. and I get 5 mins run till medium LVC. On the 3S 2200, she flies beautifully ... TBH more steady I reckon than on the 4S and get a lot longer .. I stopped at about 6 mins and still had abt 40% pack left.

I just have to perfect landing this thing !!

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