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Originally Posted by Crumpled View Post
Thanks for the quick responses, so to summarise my understanding so far...

I had forgotten about power to rx, and I think your advising that the BEC should go straight to the rx to give me a fallback on control if I lose power to from the main 3s somewhere in the spagetti. No need to split this (Y) to the v4 eLogger as well? Presumably I still need to snip the power wire on connection #16?

When you mention the BEC tapping of the ESC side rather than the BATT side #18 did you mean the probe #19? I had assumed the BEC should be tapped off before any other component to safeguard agains a similar spagetti failure.

I will redraw and include the rx as you suggest.

Audio, thanks, I hadn't picked up that the only using the right audio channel so will amend #5 to attach where #6 currently sitts, then lose #6 entirely.

In terms of video power, the FS TX appears to put +5v out on wire #8, to keep the cabling tidy I had planned to pass the +5v through the OSD #8 on the video red pin with the shared ground #9 on the black. I had assumed I could pick these up on the out side #10 and #14. Should I just bypass the OSD and make these connections direct between FS TX and FS CAM?

#20 is the 3p balance lead, this plugs straight into the supplied FS socket, was being lazy so didn't show all three wires

I'll work on a revamped diagram and repost it later tonight. Thanks for your interst and help so far. Cheers.

If you are only using 3S I would reconsider using a BEC which are typically used in 4S and higher setups.
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