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ok. here is the .kml file for google earth for the miracle RTH that i described in the previous page.

i had to zip it in order to get it to upload? weird.

so you can see i started out in the soccer field. 10-15mph SW wind. i circled around a couple of times in the field while i put on my goggles then headed west. there i started to drop some video so i enabled RTH. It seems that it wasn't working very well so i circled as you can see, then totally got disoriented, lost video, and then re-engaged RTH.

at that point, you can see it drifting northward, then northeastward, then at the furthest northeast corner of the flight path, somehow it started making progress toward "home" not sure why.

I did in fact consider that it wasn't able to beat the wind so knowing that my TSLRS had a huge range, i disabled RTH blindly and simply went 100% on throttle while dialing in full gain (dial VrE) on my guardian praying that was oriented towards me. I'm assuming that that is how it made progress back to me finally. Note, i didn't do that long, as i finally gave up and thought that it was never coming home and turned off the radio. a few minutes later it finally appeared from the northeast totally unexpected. Wow. so sweet.

I reviewed the old posts. specifically post 9211 where someone else described a similar problem with RTH in a head wind. Are there any solutions? My plane has a tendancy to climb easily thus never going low enough to the set altitude to trigger throttle i'm thinking. At first i though that setting a min speed for RtH would work, but posters said that this only works if below the min altitude. if you are above it, throttle will cut out regardless.

has anyone found workable solutions?

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