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I was feeling quite a few different emotions as I closed this thread, and I think I did it immaturely... it just seemed to end up being a silly Ford vs Chevy-like pissing match. (Granted, I've involved myself in plenty of those over the years and so am just as guilty)

But the main feeling is guilt: for closing it immaturely because, A) I don't understand most of what y'all are saying, and B) Who am I to say that nobody else can learn from all of this?

I cut learning short because I stopped with what I was originally wanting to get out of this thread... getting my plane to fly better. Is it the best best now? Surely the answer is no! But am I pleased with it? Yes!!

So it all morphed into a life of its own and I shouldn't stunt its growth. I apologize for acting rashly.
We all have our views, can't exactly force someone to see it our way, and there's a good chance we won't change our what? Valuable information is being shared, and who knows? Maybe in time i'll read back on this thread with more in my head and have some Aha! moments myself.

Please carry on with discussion, please forgive me, and please be nice.
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