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Originally Posted by Rain4LA View Post
Thanks IH,
Is there something specific about the wires on the Rx802 that could be a disadvantage or even irritating for me? I mean, why don't you like that particular configuration?
It just depends on how much space you have and where you will end up mount the RX. Typically you want the RX outside the heli away from the CF as much as possible. If you end up mounting the RX in some places it might be better or worse depending on which one you get.. But here is photos of the RX so you understand what i mean.



It really doesn't matter, but in most cases, if you care about having a clean wire setup where the wires are all nice and everything. You might like the RX701 more. But it really depends on where you end up installing everything i suppose. On your helicopter your going to have plenty of space to mount this stuff. The typical place would be the top RX shelf. In that case you may not want all the wires leading into the top on the RX802. Or you might. I suppose thats all up to you.

Here is a Walkera V450D01 With the 2702V which is similar to the RX701 layout:

Here is a Walkera V450D03 with the 2703H-D which is similar to the RX802 layout:

Personally, i think putting the wire plugs in a elevated position stresses the wires beyond what is necessary. Though this thin, light, individually wired connections can probably handle it fine. My experience with audio equipment and wires is the same with my 32 channel mixer. It has the stereo wire plugs on TOP not the BACK like most mixers. I replace the audio wires like mad! The funny thing is, they don't move and they don't vibrate like on a helicopter. The gravity is enough to foul the wires where they solder to the plugs that get inserted into the mixer. Just from the hard angle bend created by the wire wanting to hang down. I think the same principal applies, except vibration and movement are part of the equation now. That is just my opinion though. Either one works fine. You just have to make sure they don't rub on the sharp edges of your frame. You might even wet sand the corners of your CF frame (careful not to breath or get this stuff around in the house though, especially if you have pets) just to be careful. Some people line the edges with fuel line from the LHS. cut a slit in it and bite it on. Anyway, that is the only thing about the wires. It's how neat and nice and how YOU want them to go. There is no right way to install heli electronics. But there is sometimes a wrong way. Also keep in mind that you can't have the wires tight going into the beastX. If they are tied together too tightly or are pulled tight leading into the gyro. Vibes can be transfered to the gyro. You need to leave some slack between the RX and gyro somewhere for the wires to be loose so vibes don't travel though the tight wires. If i were getting your heli. I would probably investigate putting the Gyro on the top shelf, with the wires leading toward the front of the heli. Then put the RX on the bottom shelf that seems to protrude out under the tail boom. But something tells me a servo is going to be mounted there. So you'll have to kind of work at it on your own. The top shelf has less resonating vibration from the helicopter, typically. So thats where i prefer to mount mine If you go to the bottom shelf above the landing skids you will need to use a thicker more isolating mounting pad. The BeastX comes with them and a thinner one too. Use the thicker one on lower shelves. OR if you are going to have more vibration resonance in your mounting spot then you would like.

I think the RX802 has one extra channel. I think it's a 8 channel and the 701 is 7 channel. But you only need 6 for helicopters. 7 if you might want landing retracts on a scale model or something. Otherwise both RX is the same. I think they have a RX1202 too, that is 12 channels.
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