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Originally Posted by gooniac33 View Post
Thanks for the info Nigel!! I noted all of this from previous post as well and made sure to add in lots of expo (40% to start) on ailerons and have about 6mm max throw. I always add tons of expo on the rudder since I do ground take off so it is at about 85% with maxed out throws. Elevator throw is at about 5-6mm too with about 20% expo. Haven't checked CG yet but will get that right too. My eyes were fooled by the colors at first on the elevator but I caught it and made it level...

As for the amount of power.... I fly mode 2 which means that there is this thing on the left stick called throttle...LOL Even if I have a motor that makes it go light speed doesn't mean that light speed is my only option... I can manage the throttle very well if need be. 1950kv suits me just fine!! I will try to get a video of it as well...
OK mate ! The ailerons actually you can go a bit more throw as they are not so sensitive as the elevators as i found.

I bet once you get her up there that left stick stays nailed to the top for a good portion of flight !

On the 1950kv ... I'd be inclined to use a 7x5 prop ... to avoid excessive amps and to utilise the kv better. High pitch and high kv does not necessarily mean high speed ... the motor needs to run a little freer ...

Oh nearly forgot : Don't be surprised when main U/C legs break away with mount plate on landing ! Just epoxy it all back in better ! But don't add any strengthening ... better to have it break out without ripping bottom out ...


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