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Our AMA does a lot of good stuff. The RC hobby over here owes a lot to the organization. Many clubs in the US wouldn't even have a field if it wasn't for the AMA. They actively promote model aviation in schools, to the public, to the government, and to the full-scale aviation community. Of course - like all bureaucratic entities, they can't please everyone all the time, and they make a bad decision on occasion. I gladly pay my annual dues!

Regarding your opinion of seasoned RC pilots who fly larger aircraft - I think you are the one with the preconceptions about us. What you describe is the polar opposite of my experience over my 28 years of flying RC. The vast majority of seasoned club members are friendly, helpful folks who believe that if it's RC, it's cool - regardless of scale. Being that I came to UMs from the large & giant-scale side of this hobby, I've flown with many large & giant-scale pilots over the years. In fact, most of the guys I fly with today are into giant-scale gassers. Not a single one of them looks down at the UM side of this hobby. Many of them also fly UMs at indoor flying spots during the winter. All of them are amazed at what the Beast 3D can do. When I take it up in 20-25 MPH winds and do stationary aerobatics & huge loops while the gassers are grounded, they all pay attention. I've had many giant-scale guys ask about the stabilization system. I let some of them fly my Beast 3D. They were amazed at how big it flew, and wanted to know where they could buy one. I know a fair number of large-scale competition pilots who use planes like the Beast 3D & Sbach for practicing their aerobatic routines.

As AP noted - you ask for our advice & help, but then you argue everything we suggest and make excuses why it won't work for you. We're not here to give you the answer you wish to hear. Rather, we tell it like it is. If you behaved the same way toward local club members as you do on here, then it is no surprise that you had a bad experience. A bit of introspection is in order, I believe.

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