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Hi Gooniac .... here's my tips to try and get you thropugh the maiden without pranging it !

a) Make sure you use a straight edge through elevator and stab centre line to make sure those elevators are neutral ... I tried by eye and it was out. The aerofoil shape deceives the eye ...
b) CoG is fine at 30 - 32mm back from L/E ... in fact as long as it's slightly ahead of the main wing CF spar - it's fine.
c) Control movements ... elevator is nice at 5mm ... a handful at 8mm !! Aileron is fine at 6mm ... a handful at 12mm .... I fly mine with Elevator at 5mm and Ailerons at 6mm for normal flight. Once I want to start throwing her around I ONLY flick Ailerons up to full rate of 10mm ... which is still reasonably controllable. All measurements at inboard ends of surfaces.

The 540 on it's 7x6 and 1400kv stock motor is still fast on a 3S 2200 25C ... there really is no need to go higher KV. The only niggle I have with my stock motor is it seems to have a dead spot at low throttle. You move stick and she suddenly jumps to about 5 - 8% throttle instead of smooth start ... and when bringing throttle down - at that end point that you'd like prop just turning when landing etc. - it stops ! Tried resetting ESC ... cleaning and lubing the motor etc. but no change.

solentlife is online now Find More Posts by solentlife
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