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Originally Posted by airpower View Post
youll increase rate, complexity, and lose control.
Well that describes today's first landing, and the second one
Might have enabled the breaks too late, either way switch + stick input doesn't work.
Need some electronic switches to get rid of the delay and use the gear switch alone.

Originally Posted by turboparker View Post
You said that nobody has time for training? That is certainly not true in most places. [FONT=Arial][FONT=Arial]
Well our AMA doesn't have too much, if any authority and if I hear right (considering your AMA) that's not such a bad thing.
Don't know how things go in the capital since they're located there but they don't even list the club I subscribed to about 6 years ago and I do live in the second largest city.
I do know one of the "clubs" they list and that's mainly for kids, scratch built sailplanes and nothing electrical.

Anyway I received some help then, but don't imagine it was anything organized. Called some guy, he agreed to meet, showed me the basics on my heli and that was about it. Also, as I said before I don't visit the local airfield, which is an actual abandoned airfield on the outskirts/if not outside the city. I live 5 minutes away from a park/forest that is large enough for me alone.

Also you underestimate the preconceptions these people have:
Blade 130X and below = mall toys
0.6-0.5M and below wingspan = mall toys

Futaba only, spektrum = crap (up to dsmx I must agree)

Robbe, Graupner rule the universe (overrated overpriced expensive crap and some decent products imho)
If it's german, it's holy.
Spektrum: crap/yay I have a cheap "brand" tx!
Hobbyking, awesome! Did you spend 160$ on an E-flite mig when you could have gotten THE EXACT SAME THING for 80 bucks on HK??? idiot

AS3X, bull**. Micro planes don't fly in wind [period].
AS3X? What is it, never heard of it. Probably marketing bu**.

You didn't even have to assemble it? Mall toy.

This is what you will get on the forums from the most of the veterans in this hobby that started with 1 channel tx-es.
Now put yourself in my shoes and show up on the local airfield with your nice spektrum transmitter and your 30mm edf.
One does not simply buy an Eflite mig 15 edf in my country, when with that money he could have gotten a plane 3 times that size.
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