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You only have to memorize One tone.

Zero Sink . this will give a constant tone without interruption at a particular frequency (remember Zero Sink is actually Lift , as your no longer loosing height)
A Lower constant tone than Zero Sink means your loosing height.

A higher "interrupted tone" indicates Lift and height gain.
the faster it's interrupted the Higher the Lift.

It seems complicated at first but a little practice
and it will be second nature

That's the basics, however things are never quite that simple ....
With a Glider, Height can be converted to Speed, and Speed can be converted to Height

Elevator stick input will vary airspeed and give False Vario readings
e.g. Down Elevator increases Speed & Sink rate
so the Vario will respond appropriately with a Sink indication.

On the other hand Up Elevator on a Fast flying Glider kept above Stall speed
and the Vario will indicate Lift as the Glider converts Speed to Height.

On a simple Vario this is normal and the Pilot learns quickly
the effects of Stick inputs on Vario response.

A more sophisticated Vario also reads the Airspeed
and compensates Vario output as airspeed is varied
this is know as a Total Energy Vario. or T.E. Vario.
that I'll leave to someone else to explain,as I feel it best to learn to use a normal Vario first
before getting involved in the TE systems.
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