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Originally Posted by Kilrah View Post
Check the summary. Anthony Hand said the 9XR would run the existing 3rd party firmwares as is. This implies same processor, same LCD, same UI buttons, same internal wiring, same switch/pot configuration etc.
The hardware looks different, the switches / pots may be physically placed differently on the radio case and the supplied module will be DSM instead of FlySky, but it doesn't make it a new radio.

The main difference with the 9x apart from looks is that it will have a preinstalled programming connector, and thus not require soldering for firmware upgrades, and the 2 trainer ports that were mentioned and seen on the photos.
There isn't much more to expect from it.
Ya know, my Windows 7 PC has a keyboard that has the same plug as the one I had on my Windws Milenum PC. The monitor is actually the same one from the Milenum too. Both run the same version of Printmaster and the interface is similar enough that I moved from one to the other with noproblems.

Even my printer stayed the same.

And my friend has a Dell and it runs Windows 7 too. And his has a keyboard and screen that use the same connector as mine.

Must be the same computer with a different case. Right?


Our RC Radios are nothing more than special purpose computers. More and more of the parts are from common sources. Believe me, Futaba likely does not manufacture the switches or the screen on their radios, they buy them. So the switches on a Futaba could be the same as JR. And so on and so on.
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